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Because some special items require a more specific manufacturing process, and hence a bigger investment from our side, we decided to open a selection of products available to PREORDER. This means that we will have a better understanding of how many items to request from our manufacturers and more specifically what sizes.

Of course, preorders need a longer time to fulfill, and the schedule looks something along these steps:

1. Product is open for preorders (the duration of time will be specified in the product's description)

2. Preorders are closed and we inform our manufacturers of how many items need to be made (manufacturing duration will be communicated in the product's description)

3. After the items are manufactured, they will be shipped to our European Wearhouse to be individually packed and further shipped to the customer.

For any further questions or enquiries please don't hesitate to email us at where we are more than happy to answer or assist you with any information you might need.

''Vroom Vroom Vixen'' Armored Hoodie (AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER)


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